“As the country continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic and begins planning for the return to the workplace there are several considerations employers and employees need to account for prior to reopening”, as written in the ‘Covid-19 Office Reopening Guide’ via SanitizedLA.com. Find the full publication and top takeaways below.



Returning to the workplace can be daunting if you’re unsure of what’s expected both as an employer and an employee. Luckily, Sanitized LA (www.sanitizedla.com) put together an Office Reopening Guide that combines CDC guidelines and OSHA regulations for the public.

Sanitized LA breaks down the return-to-work process into three steps that help illuminate some of the best practices for returning to work safely and with healthy practices in mind. Success will require cooperation from employers and employees alike.

  1. Educate Employees: The importance of personal hygiene such as frequently washing your hands, should be reinforced and sick employees should be encouraged to stay home. Preventing the spread of the virus should include considerations such as ensuring social distancing by allowing a minimum of 6’ between employees, staggering break times and work hours to reduce employee density, and limiting the use of common equipment.
  2. Establish a Safe/Healthy Business Operation: Flexible and consistent policies and practices that allow employees sick leave and/or permit employees to stay home to care for a sick family member or children while school and childcare facilities are closed are all supportive policies. If requiring an employee to validate their illness, keep in mind that health care facilities are overburdened and may not be able to provide such documentation immediately upon request. Appointing a workplace coordinator responsible for COVID-19 issues will help to facilitate the new policies and practices.
  3. Prepare a Healthy Work Environment: Increasing ventilation rates and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces are best practices; EPA-registered household disinfectants are recommended. Following proper cleaning and disinfecting practices as to hard surfaces, soft surfaces, and electronics will help keep everyone safe and health.

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