An employee handbook provides employees with a clear understanding of workplace policies and expectations.  A well-crafted handbook provides a reference point for employees which eliminates surprise and fosters a more seamless disciplinary process.

The handbook also demonstrates an employer’s compliance with CA labor and employment laws.  Having written policies that comply with these laws provides employers with a stronger defense in case of labor and employment-related litigation.

Reasons to consider an employee handbook update:

  • Outline legal obligations of employer;
  • Outline rights of the employee;
  • Detail company policies and procedures;
  • Create opportunity for any questions an employee may have when signing with a company; 
  • Prevent misunderstandings and limits legal issues;
  • Create a guide for managers to use for training purposes.

Having a handbook may also minimize the risk of legal claims by encouraging employees to use the employer’s internal complaint procedures to resolve issues.

Additionally, several policies must be provided to employees by law.  These would all be included in one comprehensive handbook that sets forth all legally required policies, as well as the employer’s own internal policies and procedures.  The handbook also provides both employers and employees with a straightforward explanation of rights and obligations pursuant to California’s labor laws and thereby answers common employee questions, such as those related to sick leave or vacation accrual.

In need of an update for your company’s employee handbook and related policies? Maintaining an updated employee handbook as laws change is an important tool for the California employer and will mitigate lawsuits while fostering clarity surrounding expectations and rights. Contact KVK today.

By Rubina Andonian, March 18, 2022

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