Tatyana Brenner

KVK is honored to have Tatyana Brenner as part of the team; she is a relentlessly hard worker always willing and able to engage with her clients and meet important deadlines.  She is a fluent Russian speaker.

Michael T. Karikomi

Michael T. Karikomi has a wealth of experience in all facets of litigation and successfully argued before the California Court of Appeal in a landmark appellate case which set precedent that benefits his injured clients. See Drexler v. Petersen (2016) 4 Cal. App. 5th 1181.

Yelena Katchko

Yelena Katchko was integral to the city-wide resolution of City of Los Angeles v. 420 Grand et al. which provided a framework for Proposition D’s limited immunity and, later, Measure M’s priority licensure.

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