As society responds to advancing technology and the challenges of an increasingly connected world community, the law must adapt accordingly. KVK is an elite law firm with a modern perspective on the complex issues impacting California.

Making Policy

From changing policy during each critical phase of California’s slow approach to the legalization of medical and adult-use cannabis to pioneering litigation strategies to protect real estate during the economic crash of 2007/2008, to changing the legal precedent for victims of injury, KVK has been a leader on the forefront of vital policies affecting California law.

Challenging Paradigms

While legal issues are often challenging, legal representation can be a positive collaboration between client and attorney. KVK challenges old perspectives by bringing warmth and approachability to legal representation and building lifelong relationships with our clients which are based on friendship, mutual respect, and direct connection.

Championing Causes

KVK seeks out the complex and novel issues on the cutting edge of the law. It is no surprise that we have found ourselves at the forefront of each major legal wave affecting the state of California since our inception. We represented commercial cannabis businesses in 2009 when others would not. We challenged the biggest banking institutions in the world when they trampled on the rights of many after the economy crumbled in 2008. We litigated personal injury cases deemed untouchable and not profitable by other law firms who would shy away from changing the law. We innovate and prevail for you.

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